Radiation Oncology

The precision expert in immobilisation systems for radiation oncology

Orfit Industries has been providing immobilisation systems for radiation oncology for more than 25 years.

They bring innovation into this highly specialised market like no other company does, with a clear understanding of the needs of RT specialists and their teams, the patient’s comfort and the requirements of the authorities.

Their thermoplastic masks immobilise a patient effectively to a point where movement is limited to less than 1.5 millimetre. Combining Orfit thermoplastic masks with their hardware systems will result in optimal precision, comfort and reproducibility when immobilising and positioning patients.

Stereotactic Head & Neck Solution
Stereotactic Head & Neck Solution

The Orfit High Precision (HP) Mask System for Head, Neck and Shoulders offers the precision needed for stereotactic treatments (SRS and SRT) associated with high doses.

The use of an Orfit Hybrid Mask in combination with an individually shaped vacuum bag and a three-dimensionally shaped head support limits patient movement to less than one millimeter.

The AIO Solution
The AIO Solution

All-in-One Patient Positioning System created by Dr. Kati Hideghéti
The AIO Solution facilitates and refines treatments by limiting potential changes in the patient position to a minimum.

With one base plate and different sets of cushions and thermoplastic masks, all parts of the body are positioned and immobilized in a comfortable, exact and reproducible way.

Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution
Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution

Developed in collaboration with the University Hopsital of Liège, Belgium (Prof. P. Coucke).

Treatment of the breast with the patient in prone position is perceived by many to be less comfortable and also less reproducible than the supine position. The Sagittilt Prone Breast Solution solves these issues.

When developing the Sagittilt we looked at those aspects that make the supine breast position comfortable and translated that into a prone immobilization device.

The Extremities Solution
The Extremities Solution

Orfit offers a complete immobilization solution, specifically designed for fixation of extremities in a reproducible way.

The system consists of a low density carbon fibre base plate and leg supporttwo comfort cushions and five dedicated masks. The base plate can be indexed to any couch top on 2-pin bars and has multiple holes to offer a maximum versatility for positioning and immobilizing both upper and lower extremities.

Head, Neck and Shoulders Immobilization Systems

Head, Neck and Shoulders Immobilization Systems

The Patient Immobilization Systems from Orfit Industries are an active component in achieving a high quality radiation therapy.

The unique features of our thermoplastic materials, in combination with our head rests with cranial stop and our L-profiles that fix the masks in the High Precision Hardware give you the possibility of choosing the most suitable mask for your patient and for the type of treatment that you have planned.

MRI Solutions for brain, head and neck

The Orfit MRI-P Solution is designed for Philips MRI Scanners and the Orfit MRI-G Solution for GE MRI Scanners.

Both solutions can be combined with the flexible coils of the respective MRI scanners. The base plates allow the use of a thermoplastic mask, head supports and blocks and wedges in order to scan the patient in the exact treatment position.

The solution includes a High Precision (HP) Base Plate, a set of six HP Low Density Head Supports and a set of Couch Top Fixations.

MammoRx Patient Positioning Systems
MammoRx Patient Positioning Systems

The MammoRx Breast Board allows you to easily immobilize patients in a comfortable and reproducible way. The carbon fibre system meets and exceeds changing needs of radiation therapists. It is thin, strong and light and features lower attenuation levels.

As one of the most lightweight boards on the market, the MammoRx Breast Board is easy to lift and replace on the treatment table – a key benefit when you consider how often therapists remove patient positioning boards each day.

The SBRT Solution

The SBRT Solution is developed in collaboration with users worldwide based on existing SBRT studies, products available on the market and on-site testing to provide a system which combines high technology, ease of use and precision to meet current and future demands.

The SBRT Solution provides a precise, stable and easy to use setup that enables you to apply the most effective radiation treatment method for thoracic and abdominal tumours. The SBRT Solution is MR safe.


Our wide variety of useful accessories contains everything that you might need when immobilizing and positioning patients with our systems.

  • Vacuum Bags
    The Orfit Vacuum Bag Cushion (VBC) System in combination with Efficast thermoplastic masks offers an optimal solution for very high precision immobilization in stereotactic treatments.

  • Water Baths
    The Orfit water baths are specifically designed to heat up any Orfit mask in the optimal conditions.

  • Comfort Cushions
    This unique set of comfort cushions is used in combination with our standard products to increase the comfort of a specific patient.

  • Bolus Materials
    Specially formulated thermoplastic pellets and sheets can easily be moulded and placed onto thermoplastic masks to obtain a bolus effect.

  • Fixation Devices
    Orfit Industries offers a complete range of Base plate-to-couch top fixation devices to secure the different types of Orfit hardware to different couch tops.

High Precision Lung Board
High Precision Lung Board

The Orfit High Precision Lung Board has a unique and innovative feature with its T-shaped hand grip that is adjustable in height. This feature increases patient comfort and positioning reproducibility.

The arms can be easily extended above the head for treatments in the thorax and lung area. The hand grip can be moved in inferior and superior direction and locks once in place.

The lung board can be combined with the standard Orfit High Precision Head Supports with cranial stop.


High precision pelvis and abdomen frameless immobilization system

The Pelvicast High Precision Frameless Mask System for pelvis and abdomen immobilization consists of a unique combination of three carefully designed and engineered components:

  1. Raycast carbon fibre low density hardware.
  2. Pelvicast frameless thermoplastic masks.
  3. Easy to insert and remove L-shaped profiles as interface between mask and base plate.

When integrated, they result in the most accurate, reproducible and comfortable patient immobilization and positioning system.

Orfit has developed a pelvis and abdomen frameless, multi-point masking system that offers the precision in patient immobilization needed with today’s technology to perform IMRT, IGRT, SRS and SRT.

HP PRO Solution  A proton friendly immobilization device
HP PRO Solution

A proton friendly immobilization device

Orfit’s HP PRO Solution achieves a new level in patient immobilization.

This immobilization device is designed for brain, head and neck treatments for both photon and proton therapy. It is the first immobilization device in the market that makes use of ultra-thin Nanor masks.

The Orfit HP PRO Solution has been designed to meet the specific standards proton therapy demands. It includes a homogeneous low density immobilization device with a narrow carbon fibre base plate in the head and neck area, allowing for close range positions of the treatment device. The base plate is lightweight with good dosimetric properties.