Protac SenSit

A specially made chair, which stimulates the senses by surrounding and calming the body.

Unrestrained high level of comfort for Huntington’s disease patient

The special design of the chair surrounds the body and simultaneously increases stimulation of the senses.

Protac SenSit is produced in various compartments with plastic balls in the sitting, back and side cushions, and polystyrene balls at the bottom part og the chair and in the neck cushion. Additionally, the cushions at each side (filled with plastic balls) have been produced as long wings which can be positioned over the body.

The flexibility and pressure points simultaneously stimulate the sense of touch and the senses in the muscles and joints.

Through impulses to the central nervous system, the many sensory impressions result in a better sensation of the body which calms the user and increases the perception of well-being.

Target Groups who may benefit from the use of Protac SenSit:

  • Children and adults with cerebral paralysis who need to get out of their wheelchairs to acquire a better resting position which can subdue their spasticity.
  • Adults and children experiencing motory unrest or who are unable to concentrate and need a better sense of their bodies
  • Psychiatric patients experiencing physical and mental unrest/restlessness
  • Neurological patients who need sense stimulation due to vague perception of their bodies after an accident

Click here for downloading directions for use in PDF format.

Sensit comes in different colours:

Aqua Blue Black Dark Grey Dusty Green
Lime Rust Red Red Off White


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