C-air Rise & Recline Lift Chair

Tilt in Space chair with seat width options from 18" to 28".

This chair can be ordered to suit clients who require a greater seat width than our standard Multi-C-Air chair but not needing a bariatric option.

  • Tilt in Space through to full sleeping mode electric Rise & Recline.
  • Dual motor with independent leg rest.
  • VAL (vertical angle lift) 3 positions from vertical to normal. 
  • Built to order options for most shapes and sizes.
  • 158kg weight limit.
  • Multiple pressure care seat cushion options.
  • Multiple back cushion options.
  • Additional seating accessories. 
  • Adjustable or removable lumbar cushion provides postural support for the Gluteal shelf.
  • The Tilt in Space (TIS) electric mechanism with further back recline allows for a full loading of the body over a large surface area. This reduces the pressure exerted through any one point and provides a comfortable position for those who must sit for long periods of time.
  • The TIS mechanism is ideal for those who need or will benefit from having their legs elevated. 
  • The TIS and back recline allows for effective repositioning through 45 degrees with the benefit of increased blood flow and pressure reduction.  
  • Six high quality pressure care seat cushion options.
  • Several back cushions options including standard Waterfall back, lateral  support and seat depth adjusters. Zips in the back cushions allow for fine tuning to achieve the best results.
  • Built in 3" leg rest extension.
  • Vertical lift option for easy wheelchair transfer.
  • High quality medical grade fabrics to ensure the highest hygiene and infection control standards are maintained. Flame retardant, scratch resistant, waterproof, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, phthalate free.
  • Purchase replacement or new support cushions as you need them to extend the use of your Multi C-Air.
  • Castors... can be removed but popular for house keeping purposes.


Size Guide:

All Repose Chairs come in a range of sizes for that perfect fit.

SEAT HEIGHT 16" (40cm) to 20" (51cm)
SEAT WIDTH 18" (45cm) to 28" (71cm)
SEAT DEPTH 18" (45cm) to 22" (56cm)

Mechanism Videos

WS Medical attends 95% of all chair trials.

Considered users, those who require:

  • Postural support
  • Pressure care management
  • Assistance from sitting to a stand position.

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