Multi Bari Bariatric rise and recline chair

Bariatric Seating Solutions

Multi Bari Bariatric rise and recline chair

  • Electric Dual motor with independent leg rest
  • Small, medium, large, X-large
  • Weight limit 255kg
  • Multiple pressure care seat cushion options
  • Separate back cushions which can be repositioned for individual comfort & support
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C-Air TIS Bariatric Chair

The C-air is one of the most popular rise and recline chair in the healthcare sector.

  • A single motor Tilt in Space chair or in other words it doesn’t have a further back recline beyond the tilt in space function (there would be too much weight to allow this). The Tilt in Space is a brilliantly comfortable position, is wonderful for pressure care and allows the feet to be raised up nice and high
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