Radiation Oncology - Educate Yourself

Antibacterial Properties of Orfit Thermoplastic Masks

29 November 2019

Prevention of nosocomial infections in a hospital environment

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9 September 2019

How to reduce the emotional impact of radiation therapy on children

How to Choose the Right Head Support for your Patient?

23 August 2019

Immobilization for Radiation Therapy with High Precision Head Supports and Blocks and Wedges

Orfit High Precision Immobilisation Put to the Test

28 June 2019

Patient immobilisation systems as an active component in high-quality head and neck radiation therapy.

Choosing the Most Suitable Orfit Masks for Head and Neck

16 May 2019

3 steps to find the perfect mask

Why Radiation Therapy: An Introduction

29 March 2019

Radiotherapy as a valuable part of qualitative cancer car

Thermoplastic bolus for targeted radiation therapy

22 February 2019

The characteristics and use of thermoplastic bolus material